Your Data Talks in Its Sleep

Feb 14, 2023

On average, most of us replace our computers and laptops every 3-5 years, and our mobile devices every 2-3 years. So, where do all those old and unused devices end up? Mostly, they’re stored away, forgotten and unguarded for months or even years!

In the IT world, this is called Data at Rest. 

Data exists in one of three states:

  • In Use
  • In Motion
  • At Rest

Data in Use is any information being accessed, read and processed.

Data in Motion is information moving to and from devices and systems.

Data at Rest is information stored within a device or system that is not in use.

Why care about Data at Rest?

Because data at rest is data at risk!

The truth is, your discarded devices are doing more than collecting dust, they’re leaving a window to your private and personal information wide open.

That’s right! There’s a whole lot of accessible information still stored on your unused computers, laptops, and hard drives long after they’ve outlived their use. Unmonitored, unguarded and unprotected, these devices are prime targets for hackers!

If you think it couldn’t happen to you or your business, think again!

According to a report in, “Over 70% of breach events come from off-network devices that are at rest.” The report goes on to share an important piece of advice: Data destruction is the most secure way to protect such data that is not in use anymore.”

When it comes time to putting your unused devices to bed for good, call Altitude DocuShred! We guarantee 100% secure shredding, including a Certificate of Destruction upon completion.

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