Shred or Stash? Helpful Guide [Infographic]

Aug 23, 2019

Helping you keep your private information private is priority #1 at Altitude DocuShred. But, before we can do our job, you may need to do a little organizing first (stick with us here, it’s not that bad).

We get it. The thought of spending your day sitting cross-legged on the floor organizing statements, receipts, and tax returns is enough to make you turn a blind eye to the ever-growing wall of document boxes occupying what once were your favorite living or working spaces. Fret not, friends. While we can’t do the organizing for you, we’ve come up with a quick guide to make the job easier.

And let’s be real. We know after all that organizing is done, you’re going to be tempted to throw a lot of information in the trash. Perish the thought! Even seemingly harmless documents can contain pieces of personal information that can put you at risk for identity theft.

As we folks in the document destruction biz say, “Better shred than read”!

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